Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pick a salad

In the garden this week:
Harvesting radish, spinach, spring onions (regrown from bought spring onions), coriander and lettuce.
Radish is a fast growing veggie, and can be planted year round.  It has a 4-8 week growing time, depending on time of the year (longer in cooler months), worth putting in if you have space, to get some crunch in your salads, especially now when not much with colour is growing.

In the kitchen this week:
A chicken and 'cheese sauce'* vol au vent** with salad made from the above items with a mustard dressing:
Teaspoon - mustard
Tablespoon - balsamic vinegar
2 tablespoons - olive oil...

*'Cheese sauce' is code in our house for cauliflower and peeled zucchini soup reduced to make a thick sauce, relabelled to assist in the hiding of vegetables from young children - also doubles as baby food.
**The vol au vent cases were made following Easy to make - kids could do it...  They turned out a bit dumpy but were well received with the comment:
                                      'Vol a what? It's easier to say dinner croissant' from the 5yo.

This was my slightly healthier version of seen on Everyday Gourmet on channel 10 at 4pm weekdays...  

It was nice despite the wintery temperature to be able to walk out into the yard for the ingredients to make a salad with crunch and colour.

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